Apartment Café ran from 2015 to 2016 and was created by Sam Nabi and Sarah Pearson.

Pop-up culture is coming to the York! We’re opening our home to creative folks who want a place to work that isn’t their own home.

The podcast

  1. Welcome to our living room // 01

    Sarah and Sam chat about atmosphere and culture, feeling like a staff member in your own home, the daytime vs. after-work crowd, supporting local music, and how to deal with money.

    Music: "Sugar Mound" by Hank; "Fourteen Days" by Elsa Jayne

  2. Holding space // 02

    Sarah and Sam chat about codes of conduct, the difference between café culture and Apartment Café culture, a similar initiative in Seattle, the concept of holding space, and collaboration with the local business community.

    Music: "Northern Lights" by Marina Marina; "Waves" by Jesse Maranger

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"Working With Strangers" by Megan Nourse, published in the Community Edition.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines expectations for respectful behaviour in Apartment Café space, reporting procedures and consequences, and ways to contact hosts & organizers.